About Us

What is a Killshot? It may sound harsh but in racquetball the term Killshot means you executed a return of play that ended quickly and decisively that your opponent couldn't recover from, much like an Ace serve in Tennis. Killshot Racquetball Wear USA Idea started back in June of 2015 when I sponsored an amateur racquetball team in a local tournament. I had been playing racquetball for over 30 years, including professionally back in the 90s for spaulding, so I knew what to expect in tournament play.

One thing I had learned over the years is racquetball, just like any sport, is as much psychological as it is physical. Getting into your opponent's head can sometimes be that extra edge that gets you the win. When you step on the court against a sponsored player all decked out in their sponsor's gear you immediately think 'this player is for real'. I wanted my team to have that same advantage so I designed a clothing line made of comfortable, high quality material that gave them maximum performance on the court with an extra level of intimidation to their opponents.

Since my team went on and did well in their tournament i felt i should continue to train and sponsor up-and-coming players of all ages with my Killshot philosophy and the demand for Killshot shirts has continued to grow so we decided to kick off the online store in 2017.

Racquetball is just AWESOME!!! It's a great sport for all ages and I'm working to see its popularity grow. Killshot Racquetball Wear USA is now sponsoring tournaments in the Atlanta area. So whether you're just getting started or a seasoned pro, check us out and see how Killshot will help you stand out and play hard.